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Auktion: 295 / Alte und Moderne Kunst/ Maritime Kunst am 28.10.2005 Lot 431

André Lhote - Jeunes femmes et marins au port


Jeunes femmes et marins au port
Pastel, 1927 .
Signed lower right. On laid paper. 26,8 : 46,5 cm (10,5 : 18,3 in), the full sheet. André Lhote, who was lastingly influenced by Cézanne and the cubism, created in 1927 two oil-paintings, which are directly comparable to the pastel. One of those, titled 'Jugement de Paris', a Caribbean paraphrase of the judgement of Paris, was exhibited in the Petit Palais in Geneva in 1928. The pastel depicts a scene from the harbour on Martinique and was presumably created in that correlation. [LB]

André Lhote
Jeunes femmes et marins au port, 1927.
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